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Composition and Arrangement
Composition and Arrangement
Song Writting
Song Writing
Music Theory and Ear Training
Music Theory and Ear Training
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - Ages 6 and up!
"It takes a very special person to teach a distracted 6 year old and a highly ADHD 8 year old how to play and love the piano. However, with his unique tailoring of each lesson to our child's needs and capabilities, Zack has turned both our sons into budding musicians. Our oldest just sat down and played 'Silent Night' for us and beamed with pride. Zack made this possible - he gave our children and family this gift."
Jack (8) and Joey (6)
"I took piano lessons when I was a little girl but I stopped taking them in middle school. I continued to study music theory but I lost my knack for playing. Zack encouraged me to start playing again and helped to reteach the instrument to me. He has a knack for making piano interesting to someone with a short attention span!"
Alexis (20)
"My daughter and I take lessons with Zack. He is very patient. Zack can customize lessons to personal interests to get the best engagement and maximize learning. Highly recommended."
Swaroopa (36) and Dia (6)
Ginnie (19)
"Music theory has always fascinated me but I could never quite get the hang of it. Zack explains things clearly and works thoroughly to make sure you understand each topic and how it works before moving on. I recommend him to all of my music friends, and if you're reading this I recommend him to you, too! You won't regret it, he's worth every penny."
Zack is an amazing teacher for my daughter who is 7 and my son who is 10. He caters the lessons to each of their abilities each week. They are always excited to show him how well they are getting each week with practice. I highly recommend him.
Jude (10) and Zoey (7)
I began my teaching career right out of high school, I arranged music for, and instructed marching band percussion students. A few years later, I moved onto writing music for, teaching, and directing musical theater - all while giving private lessons in composition and piano on the side. I spent the next 6 years in Los Angeles, writing for the big screen and getting my own video game production company off the ground. I learned a tremendous amount working with film and musical directors out there, and when the company became self-sustaining, I moved close to family in KY.
Because of my enthusiasm for music, by excellent communication skills, and overwhelming amount of patience, I can teach you to become an expert on music composition, arranging, orchestration, music theory, playing things by ear, the piano, any percussion instrument, and even improvisation! I'm very fluent in all styles of music, from R&B and jazz to classical and contemporary. Reach out today and schedule a lesson! Let's play music!


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